Cat Visits

Cats are creatures of comfort and love to be in their own surroundings. Rather than book them in to a cattery they can stay at home with no disruption whilst you’re away.

I understand the military operation that goes in to persuading a cat in to a basket and the feelings of guilt leaving them in a strange place. This is now one less thing for you to organise and worry about!  I will feed them as often as you need, provide fresh water, groom them, clean the litter trays and bowls or let them in and out of the house. My visits include some cuddles and a playtime too so they will still feel loved.  I can keep in touch with you via texts to let you know that your pets are happy and safe while you are away and post photos online.

Free consultation

The first part of my work starts with a home visit. I will come to your house to meet you and your cat(s) so that we can all get to know each other. I will find out what your cat’s normal routine is so that my visits continue the same pattern that they’re used to. We will also discuss any relevant health and dietary information and then work out a visiting plan which best suits your needs too. I will then provide an agreement which we will both sign.

Home Security

As part of my visit I can collect the post, turns lights on and off, open and close curtains, water plants or put the wheelie bins out.


  • Mon – Fri one visit – £10.00
  • Mon – Fri two visits – £20.00
  • Sat – Sun one visit – £10.00
  • Sat – Sun two visits – £20.00
  • More than 2 pets – +£3.00 per visit
  • Welcome Home Service – £7.50 plus the cost of your shopping
  • Bank holidays time and a half rates apply

Welcome Home

Rather than come home to an empty fridge I can have fresh milk and bread waiting for you. Just leave me a shopping list and the goods will be there on your arrival; no excuse for that take-away now!