Puppy Visits

Everybody loves a puppy, and I am no exception! Katie’s PerfectPaws can support you and your new arrival in the formative years of their life. Puppies are amazing but need lots of attention, stimulation and loving care.

If left to their own devices they can become bored, unhappy and develop behavioural problems. I will visit as often as you need me to, whether it be several times a day whilst you are at work, or just one evening so you can leave the house for a night out. My visits can include, providing fresh water and small meals, playtime in the garden, and cleaning up any accidents which may have already occurred! In the winter months I can close the curtains and leave a lamp on if you wish. I will provide a notebook as a daily diary for you and upload photographs or videos online so you feel part of your puppy’s day.


Once your puppy has been fully vaccinated he/she can graduate to my dog walking service for individual or group walks.

Free consultation

The first, and perhaps most vital, part of my work starts with a home visit. I will come to your house to meet you and your puppy so that we can all get to know each other. Each pup is like a child with its own personality, preferences and life style. I will build an individual profile on your puppy so that I know him/her as well as I know my own pets. I can reinforce your training, which commands you use, their favourite treats or toys they enjoy playing with. We will also discuss any relevant health and dietary information and then work out a visiting plan which best suits your needs too.


Bank holidays double rates apply

  • Per visit – £11.00
  • Welcome Home Service – £7.50 plus the cost of your shopping

Welcome Home

Rather than come home to an empty fridge I can have fresh milk and bread waiting for you. Just leave me a shopping list and the goods will be there on your arrival; no excuse for that take-away now!