Welcome to Katie’s Perfect Paws. I’m Katie and I provide an established, professional and reliable group dog walking service in North Leeds: one with a personal touch.

Owning a dog is a wonderful, life-changing experience but it takes commitment and time. Every day life can be demanding and it’s not always possible to devote the time we would like with our furry friend. As a dog owner I understand the dilemmas you can face and I am here to make your life less stressful, and your dog’s life more fun.

I offer 1 hour group walks Monday - Friday for £12. Weekend / solo walks are for current clients only I’m afraid. Price on application.

The Top Ten Reasons for Group Walking

  • Fitness and Health; most well-exercised dogs live long, healthy, happy lives
  • Stimulation: smells, sights, sounds and feelings. We meet joggers, cyclists, horse riders, farm animals, people and even the odd ferret!
  • Socialisation: not only within the group but other dogs that we meet along the way every day
  • FUN with friends; most dogs LOVE being part of a group
  • Improved behaviour and doggy manners
  • Practised commands such as wait, sit, come, this way, biscuits!
  • New places; we travel to varied safe woodland, parks, fields and paddling/swimming locations
  • Minimise separation anxiety
  • Regular travelling to help with car sickness
  • Guaranteed walks in pretty much all weathers!


I will only take dogs of 6 months and older (depending on breed). This is because a puppy’s growth plates are still developing and too much exercise can lead to problems such as arthritis later in life.


It used to be that owners were recommended to neuter their dogs as soon as possible. This is no longer the case. It is advised for bitches to have at least one season and males to develop up to a year in-tact to aid physical growth. I do NOT walk bitches in season. If an entire male is displaying problematic behaviours such as roaming or mounting then I would recommend castration!